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Disclaimer:  In NO such manner is Stringwalker Lutherie a retail establishment. Only a few products of the above manufactures are stocked for display or repair work and all special orders of components are for Installation ONLY.  All products from these suppliers and manufacturers are subject to M.A.P.P  [Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy],  enforced by exclusive agreement to Stringwalker Lutherie

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  Over the years, a lot of my clients have had to bring me their special, sometimes hard to find and not exactly what they want, components, to install or modify their instruments. Slowly, I’ve been able to establish accounts with various manufacturers and suppliers to offer a variety of quality specialty products that will hopefully help the process of---- Idea to Realization. Being a NAMM member has afforded me the opportunity to make the yearly pilgrimage to the huge annual winter show in Anaheim, and meet with many manufacturers and suppliers of parts and products that I think my clients would like to have access to.

The sole intention here is NOT to sell just like ANY music store with LIMITED inventory, but to be able to Order Direct from the Growing list of suppliers and manufacturers below,  to enhance or modify your special project.

I have arranged exclusive rights for the privilege to offer these fine products for installation for my clients. Included are the links for you to access their product lines or make an appointment and I can show you what is available from them.

Like I’ve said before, ‘Your Imagination Is My Work Bench’ --- Enjoy!!!!!

Allparts -
Bartolini Pickups -
Big Bends Nut Sauce and accessories -
Buzz Feiten Tuning System -
D’addario Strings and accessories -
DnR Guitars—Brace-ade -
Fishman Pickups and Amps -
Lindy Fralin Pickups -
LR Baggs Pickups and Amps -
Might Mite -
Oasis Humidifiers -
Planet Wave tuners and accessories -
Titanium-TiSonix  parts -
TonePros - TonePros
TV Jones Pickups -
WD Music Products -

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