Stringwalker Lutherie
Stringwalker Lutherie
Whatever your budget, make an appointment and weíll do what it takes to get your GUITAR or BASS in the best shape of itís life. OR a new Project youíll be proud to play and show off on ANY stage to ANY fellow Musician

Stringwalker Lutherie Service Info
Setups - $20.00

Tax included For all parts
$20/hr labor for hardware install

Set up description:

Re-stringing with D'addario strings

Adjust the bridge: this is where I set the string height to make it easier to play.

Disclaimer: Guitars with a Floyd Rose bridge, Add $15.00

Intonation: this is where I adjust the bridge so that all the notes on the fret board are in tune with each other.

Neck Adjust: this is where I adjust the truss rod in the neck to allow for the proper bow or straightness of the neck.

Nut Adjust: this only needed if the nut has not been slotted to a proper depth or even needs replacement.


If your Volume or Tone controls are scratchy or just donít work properly, Iíll clean them or change them out with high quality replacements. If your Jack is broken [where you plug in your guitar to your Amp], I will replace it with a Switch Craft replacement [the best]

Hot Rods:

I can getóĖ or often have electronics to Modify your sound Thereís an incredible assortment of Hardware available like Pick Guards, Pickups, Bridges, Tuning Gears, Knobs, even Screws to enhance the look and performance of your guitar.

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