Stringwalker Lutherie
Stringwalker Lutherie
Here are some links that will offer you an Opportunity to, not only shop, but expand your Awareness to the limitless Possibilities to enhance your ART. I hope you find them as a helpful as I do.

Stringwalker Lutherie Links
One of the best links for anything musical
An absolutely fantastic place to meet other players and discuss anything related to Bass Playing—every level is appreciated and helped.
Just one of the most complete Guitar and Bass parts dealerships on the planet. You need it —they got it
Another great place to get some of those exotic parts
The Guild of American Lutherie Association and other links of interest for guitar and string instruments
Refinishing products and a great forum to learn and share your projects.
A very informative site for electronics shielding to Factory wiring and Custom Modifications
The site where some of the best airbrush art can be found. Specializing in anything that needs Custom Art.

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